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"Since our European implementation of one2edit in early June, there are already ten countries in Western Europe using the system, and about 40 countries in our Eastern European region. Cost and time savings were the motivation for taking this decision. For example: before one2edit, a text change for an existing layout cost € 500 to 1000 per country. For the production of a single brochure in 20 countries, one2edit saves us up to € 20,000 per project."
Dieter Klasmeier, Marketing Communications Manager Europe - 3M ESPE AG
"The results of one2edit implementation exceeded expectations, with about 90% savings in measurable costs when compared with the old workflow"
Christian Scholze, Marketing Communications Manager EMEA - Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

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Henkel Case Study, December 2010
Henkel's marketing collateral (brochures, catalogs, posters, etc.) is translated into more than 24 different languages. Their workflows required project managers to first generate PDF and text files for distribution to their various agencies around the world, then collect the edited versions from those agencies to send back to the document designers so that the translations could be copied and pasted back into InDesign documents. The process was becoming unacceptably difficult and costly.

Henkel's marcom department identified a number of problems that they needed to solve:
  • number of correction runs per country were too high
  • management of the language adaptations was inefficient
  • heavy workload for project managers to manage several projects at the same time
  • translation and approval process too long
The process had become so costly that in 2007 Henkel’s adhesives division was tasked with looking for a web to print translation management workflow solution that could meet the following requirements:
  • reduce costs
  • improve the current workflow
  • manage several projects at the same time
  • shorten the cycle time in catalogue production
  • guarantee consistent brand communication within the countries
  • add transparency to the creation and translation process
Requirements also came from Henkel’s field marketing teams. The solution needed to be:
  • easy to work with
  • user-friendly to be accepted locally
  • training possible via phone
  • enable integrated workflow with local, third-party translation agencies
  • provide project access possible to all relevant people, e.g. sales staff, technical staff, etc.
Henkel’s central marketing team had these requirements for any solution to be adopted:
  • needs to handle complex InDesign page elements such as tables
  • no template creation or programming necessary
  • no change in the work process for the agencies or creative limitations on document designers
  • no loss of InDesign functionality; text composition, transparency effects, etc. must be preserved
  • WYSIWYG editing in a web browser
  • parallel workflow possible, e.g. layouts can be modified while translation work is in progress
After an extensive search and evaluation process, Henkel chose one2edit® for their web to print (web2print), translation management workflow solution. The results were impressive:
  • Dramatic simplification of translation management workflow
  • 50% reduction in cost of producing localized versions of marketing collateral
  • ROI within a single year
  • dramatically reduced production cycles

Practical experience report from Marta Zak, Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, during the 4th forum "Web to Print" (video in german):

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Henkel Case Study, December 2010
After an extensive evaluation process, Brand Implementation Group decided to use one2edit as the web to print technology in Brand Management Portal for The Linde Group. One2edit was also the choise as the component of the AdIntegrator, a tool for the global ad campaign rollout for Deutsche Post DHL. Reasons for this decision were the ease use of one2edit, the ability to handle complex layout and design rules and the rich developer APIs, which enable a quick, robust and seamless integration.

Brand Implementation Group is a specialized management consultancy for the implementation of complex brand identities. They guarantee a globally uniform brand identity for corporations through consolidated, standardized and automated processes in branding, communications and marketing and empower to manage and control their brand identity efficiently and sustainably.

Watch the presentation of two cases for brand implementation: Brand Management Portal at The Linde Group and the AdIntegrator at Deutsche Post DHL.

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"We focused on 1io with its one2edit product, a very fast, innovative and solution-oriented technology for web-to-print. Not only did their customer-oriented approach and consulting expertise persuade us, but also their very accessible staff."
Alexander Matthews, Media production and Bärbel Dyma, organization of processes - STO AG
"We were looking for a powerful web-to-print system for translation management and managed workflow up to print approval. one2edit® was the best choice for us. You can work with your highly designed InDesign documents, and no complex conversion to templates is required. one2edit offers real online, WYSIWYG editing of InDesign documents. Our industrial customers' demand for advertising material in multiple languages for the global markets continues to grow, so we offer one2edit as an intuitive and easy to use web application. For us as an innovative media company, one2edit is an important tool to retain customers as well as the a primary means of acquiring new ones."
Frank Stadler, Marketing and online media - Holzer Druck und Medien
"Despite it's powerful functionality, one2edit is by far the easiest-to-use online editing system on the market. Even without much training or DTP experience, users are able to quickly generate perfect print publications. With one2edit's powerful workflow and design rules engines, it's possible to control document editing rights on a very granular level. Workflows for editing, review, translation, and interaction with other production services are easy to set up. The performance of the system is amazing, which saves a lot of time when compared to other solutions for which you have to sit and wait."
Günther Misof, CEO - Brand Implementation Group GmbH
"one2edit® 3.5 delivers a seamless way to leverage the power of SDL solutions for the translation of Adobe® InDesign® documents. With the additions of segmentation support and the ability to update SDL translation memories with late stage translation changes, one2edit® 3.5 is a compelling work flow tool for enterprise publishers."
Petra Dutz, Technology Partner Manager - SDL
"The partnership with 1io provides our customers with a quick and cost‐efficient path to localization, not only for technical documentation, but also for marketing collateral."
Gerd Janiszewski, CEO - across


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